My Latest Skincare Routine

Hi there! Welcome back! I thought it would be fun to share my latest skincare routine with all of you. If you’ve been around for a while, you might remember that I shared a post on these Tula products. I received my first order from Tula back in October 2020. Fast forward to March 2021, I am still using {and LOVING} these products!

Let’s backtrack to my middle school & high school days… Growing up I had terrible skin. I tried every brand under the sun that the drugstore offered for skincare – at least that’s what it felt like! Long story short – after years, and years, and years…..and years lol of different medications, creams, and products I found some products that worked for my skin. Fast forward to now – I decided to take a leap and get more serious about my skincare.

When I first heard of Tula, I was uncertain of the results it would give me. I have SUPER sensitive skin and the slightest thing seems to cause breakouts. With Tula, I was pleasantly surprised that every single product I tried, worked wonders! Check out my blog post here for more breakdowns on each product!

As I mentioned above, if you are interested in me breaking down each piece in my Tula collection, head over to my blog post on Tula by clicking HERE! I hope you enjoyed my latest skincare routine! If you are interested in more posts like this, be sure and leave a comment below or leave a DM over on my Instagram! In the meantime, stay safe & healthy!

XOXO, Emma

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