How To Get Accepted To LTK & RewardStyle

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One of my most asked questions lately has been related to getting accepted to the (LTK) & RewardStyle platform. For me – getting accepted to this platform was one of my goals! I knew that it would take some hard work and perseverance but in the end, it would be totally worth it!

I began my blogging journey in March of 2020. After doing it for a few months, I thought I would give applying to LTK a shot. On May 22nd, 2020 I sent in my application to join the family. After a short few days (May 27th, 2020), I received an email saying I had been accepted! I was beyond thrilled! This was only the beginning of what would turn out to be one of my favorite hobbies! I am now just over 2 months in to the platform and I am loving it! It is my goal now to help new bloggers get accepted to this platform that takes all of our passions for sharing deals and finds with others to the net level!

Below are 6 tips that I found to work for me when getting accepted to LTK/RewardStyle.

Make Sure Your Photos are Bright and Clean.

This is the number one tip because it’s one of the MOST IMPORTANT steps. For me, I found that the easiest way to achieve this was by downloading the FREE Lightroom Mobile App and using bright & clean presets! Presets will be your best friend until you master the art of editing. Some of my favorite presets are linked HERE! My go to’s are Morning Mimosas & Stardust!

Have a Clear Niche.

For those of you who may not be sure what a niche is, a niche in simplest terms is a “small, specialized section of the population.” When it comes to RewardStyle, the four main niches include: fashion, beauty, family, and home (lifestyle). RewardStyle even has specific hashtags for each and specific pages for the fashion, home, and family! Make sure you establish yourself in one or two of these niches (I’m “Fashion + Lifestyle” but my Instagram is mostly fashion). Start tagging in your hashtags and in your photos! Even if you aren’t accepted, they’ll see that you’ve established yourself in one of the above niches. This can greatly help your chances of accepted.

Try to Create a Cohesive Instagram Feed.

You can be cohesive in the types of photos you take, in the colors you share in your feed, and even the style of photo you take! For me, I focus mostly on full-body photos of my outfits & mix in some flat lays. Make sure your feed fits who YOU are as a brand.

Create Consistent Content for (at least) 2-3 Months.

This is a big one honestly. The more history the better though because they can see your growth. When I first started out, I knew I needed to post consistently to get noticed. I read A LOT of Pinterest articles on posting frequency, and trying to do one post a day is usually sufficient. Just show RewardStyle that you post often & consistently, and that you post great content!

Tag Fashion Brands in your Photos.

Now RewardStyle isn’t ONLY a fashion and clothing affiliate program, but that’s the main category! Whether you’re a beauty influencer, lifestyle influencer, or fashion influencer, TAG THE BRANDS YOU ARE FEATURING. The first brand that asked to repost me was Target using the hashtag #TargetStyle (and also tagging @targetstyle in the photo). They generally just add you under the hashtag on their website, BUT RewardStyle will see that brands are interested in you!

Get Referred by a Current Member!

If you have a friend that was already accepted, have them refer you. This shows RewardStyle that you have a noted blogger who already uses their platform that thinks YOU are good enough. If you do not have a friend who was already accepted I would LOVE to help you! Send me an email ( or DM on instagram (@helloemmamarie) and I would LOVE to refer you 🙂

Good Luck Ladies – YOU GOT THIS!!

XOXO, Emma

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