15 Fun Facts About Me!

Hi there! I thought it was about time to introduce myself a little more. What better way to do this than to share some fun facts about me!

  1. My birthday is in November – I’m a scorpio baby! I am 25 years old {born in 1994} and I am constantly trying to live out my best life day to day!
  2. My favorite season is the fall. I love watching the leaves change and seeing all of the beautiful fall colors. It is also one of my favorite seasons for fashion – I mean sweaters & booties… SO cute!
  3. I LOVE ice cream. It is pretty much its own food group in my eyes & I could eat it for every meal if it was socially acceptable lol. My favorite is anything chocolate.
  4. I have a Miniature Schnauzer named Lilly. She is so spoiled and also the LOML at the same time. She’s got a sassy personality & clearly learned that from me… (Fun Fact about her: My boss had 2 mini schnauzers who had an accidental litter, which is how Lilly came about!)
  5. I am the oldest child. I have 2 younger sisters (19 & 16) and one younger brother (15). I love them so much and they are the best siblings thing a girl could ask for!
  6. I drive a 2015 Toyota RAV4. It is my dream car (as of now lol). For some reason I named it pearl since it is that sparkly white color. Before this car I had a 1999 Toyota Camry that I named Melba. Do you name your cars or is it just me lol? Leave a DM or comment with your answer!
  7. I am terrified of clowns. When I am around them I have a full panic attack and physically cannot move or breathe. I’m not really sure where this stemmed from but it is what it is…
  8. My favorite number is 4. I don’t have a justification on this one… I just really like the number 4 lol.
  9. I went to Winona State University. I graduated with a degree in Recreation, Tourism & Therapeutic Recreation with emphasis in Commercial Recreation back in 2018! Still to this day one of my greatest accomplishments.
  10. I never buy anything unless it is on some sort of sale. Everything I have is either on sale or has a coupon code. I am a sucker for a good sale!
  11. My favorite place is Grand Marais, MN. I grew up taking family camping trips up there and ever since it has been my all time favorite place. It is so peaceful and brings back so many great memories. Each year I try to make it up there at least once.
  12. Ain’t no laws when you’re drinking claws! I’m a White Claw fan 100%! The only way you will catch me with a truly in my hand is if the White Claws are gone haha.
  13. My favorite thing to do in my free time is to be outside. I especially enjoy sitting around a nice fire with some great company (and a white claw).
  14. I’ve never been one to step out of my comfort zone. I have always been somewhat insecure but I am slowly working on my self confidence and this blog has 110% helped me with that!
  15. I am a Diet Coke finatic. At this point it probably is running through my veins. I know, I know it is bad for me but it is so good and for some reason I just love it!

I hope you learned a thing or two about me! I’d love to get to know you more! Be sure to leave a comment below or drop me a DM with some fun facts about you! I’d love to connect 🙂

Until next time, XOXO

Hey pretty lady! I'm so glad you are here! My name is Emma! I love sharing all things lifestyle, casual fashion & of course.. girl talk! I can't wait to become besties!!

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